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Jewellery Care

Most Of The Jewellery Pieces From Adored UK Are Custom Pieces. Custom Jewellery Is Usually Made Of Materials That Are Less Valuable Than Fine Jewellery. The Finish On Plated Jewellery May Fade Over Time From Wear And Tear.  However, You Could Prevent This By Taking A Few Precautions To Care For Your Jewellery.


  • Getting ready to go out? Use beauty products such as soap, lotion, perfume and hairspray before wearing​

  • Remove jewellery before showering or swimming. It is also best to remove rings before washing your hands. Dry jewellery is happy jewellery :) if your jewellery does come in contact with water dry it with a soft cloth or tissue.

  • Avoid hard contact (eg: knocking against objects) this could lead to breakage, cause scratches and other damage

  • Take off jewellery before exercising as sweat could lead to discolouration

  • Keep inside jewellery box provided or a plastic bag. You will find that your purchases from am adored uk will come in a box and see through shimmery bag, as it is an easy way for you to store, organise and find your jewellery.

  • Try to use a soft, clean cloth to wipe your jewellery pieces after wearing them to remove any natural body oils, sweat or residue.


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