I Am Adored Tribe

"I truly have been blessed with the empowering experience of working at IAmAdored. throughout my internship experience, I grew immensely due to not only the amazing values of iamadored, but due to working alongside Caroline. She always pushed and empowered me to achieve and learn more. the way she embodies the values daily is truly inspiring.

throughout my life, I've compared myself to others. after experiencing the values of I am Adored daily, I realized that everyone is beautiful in their own way. My confidendce has increased immensely and I aspire to continue to live out the values of self-love, purpose, modesty, sisterhood, and beauty.

Join the tribe and I promise you that you'll feel the way I do, loved, encouraged, and empowered."



"I'm most passionate about self improvement, both professionally and personally because, I believe my purpose is to be a supportive and positively encouraging force for others. All of the work I do has me in a position to help people (blogging, presenting, even my day job) and that makes me so happy!

I practice self love through daily Gratitude through prayer. God is a huge part of my life. He always has been, however in my adult life I have developed a much better relationship with him now understanding what it means to have that particular relationship and of its relevance in my life. I am super grateful for absolutely everything because, good, or bad, I am constantly learning and with that I am evolving into the woman I (finally) recognise as being amazing in more ways than one! Praise be to God, always."

- Charley jai


“We have flaws but they’re still beautiful because they’re a part of us. I don’t want to change people, I want to enhance what’s unique about them through my makeup.

I practice self love by counting my blessings and practicing my mindfulness

- Wavenney


"My purpose is to love life fully by following my passions and dreams, and being happy. 

I practice self love by taking time out from a busy life to focus on myself, to relax, rest and chill. I treat myself to new things often, especially makeup. Make up is my weakness, but also another way I practice self love. Creating different looks and enjoying it, feeling confident in how I look. One of the most important ways I think any person could practice self love is to smile!

My idea of beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. Someone who is confident in themselves is beautiful. Beauty is happiness!"



"My purpose is to help people, I honestly believe I'm supposed to help people in any capacity I can. I work with children and young people and have a passion for helping people to reach their full potential and realise limitations are just a state of mind.

Practicing self love is a way of life for me, it's part of my day to day. I start the day in gratitude for who I am in the present. I take care of my body and mind through what I feed them. I use positive affirmations to begin each day and set my day up on an elevated level.

Beauty is far more than surface looks, beauty has various layers, and incorporates what's in the heart aswell as the actions expressed in the physical."

- Sade


"My passion is riding horses. I'm currently working 15 hour days 7 days a week as a show groom for an Olympian to learn from him. I also ride roughly 5 horses a day for two different trainers helping to train young horses for them. 

The most important thing to me in a friendship is being able to tell someone anything without having to worry about what they may think."


"The most important thing for me in a friendship and sisterhood is being around people you're comfortable with and can really be yourself with."


"My purpose is to live in freedom as a child of God and my passion is to share the good news about Jesus and his unending love for all! To pursue this passion, I am working in children's ministry and sharing the love of the Lord with children each day.

The most important thing to me in a friendship is trust and honesty, which stems from a love for the person and all people. 

To me, beauty means confidence in one's worth and value as a person."


"My passion is learning how to help others. Everyday at work or at school I do whatever is in my capability to help others, whether that be tutoring them or simply listening to what they have to say. I'd say the most important thing in friendship and sisterhood is having someone you trust. You need someone who you can go to when you need to and someone who can come to you in times of need."

- izzy


"I believe my purpose is to make a difference in the world and help the people around me, which is why I am interested in pursuing a career in business in the healthcare industry. I love to volunteer and give back to others! The most important thing to me in a friendship is spending quality time together.

To me, beauty means confidence, happiness, and being content with who you are."


"My passion is helping people and/or being someone who is there for people who need me. I have centralized my ideal future-career around that passion and working everyday to achieve it!

Beauty to me is deeply rooted within an individual... beauty comes from how you treat other people and also from having confidence in whatever type of beauty or gift you're blessed with​."

"My purpose is to live life limitlessly. Also to encourage and inspire women to achieve their potential. I try to do a bit of what I love everyday. I love exploring london and sharing my discoveries. Also love eating well and trying new things out. Positive affirmations."

"My blog has always been my own personal creative outlet and allows me to express my passion for photography and writing. Fashion is my main interest and I ultimately want to make a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. 

Beauty can't be put into words, it's a whole mix of your inner and outer beauty, but your confidence and perspective of yourself is what beauty, to me, is."

"My passion is people, but especially connecting, empowering, and supporting all women. The most important thing about a friendship is authenticity. Such as people who are unapologetically themselves."

"In a time where us women are judgemental over how we look, I always look at myself in the mirror and appreciate my form. I have fat on my body, but I love it. I wouldn't change it because why would I? It wouldn't be me. I would be creating a false version of myself and I don't think I would love myself as much as I do now. Having my blog is where I express my opinions and I would class this as practising self-love because I am seeing how I am growing in the world as a public figure. Even though I am not a popular blogger, my blog continues to grow and I love myself for sticking to something which I love to do."


"My purpose is to live life to the fullest of my ability and always enjoy everything that I am doing! I practice self-love by following my passion, which of course is makeup. I know ultimately it's what makes me happy so that makes me work even harder. My idea of beauty is CONFIDENCE. As long as you are confident and believe in yourself, it does not matter what anyone else thinks, you are beautiful."


“I always strive to be a better person and to continue to work on my flaws. I practice self-love by not comparing myself to others and generally having confidence in loving myself before loving anyone else. Beauty starts from within and it's important to always remember that.”

- Azania

“All I focus on is staying happy and surrounding myself with loved ones. To surround yourself with the right people and positive energy is the best form of self-love. My idea of beauty comes from people’s vibes. If you have great energy, confidence and exude positive vibes then you’re beautiful!

"Everyday I tell myself that I love who I am and that I’m happy with the life I have. My idea about beauty is to love yourself! You have to love yourself before you can truly love other people. I give love to those around me through my music. That’s really how I can do my best.”

- Nancy

 "I have been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside such an inspiring, hard working, and motivating individual who reminds me of the importance of self-love and doing your best at all times, even when nobody's watching you. Caroline is the leader of the IAmAdoredUK tribe, and someone who lives each day out by the mission of the company. I have gotten the chance to witness the values of IAmAdoredUK first hand. This company is one that has a mission that all women should center their lives around.

In today’s world, I know I find myself constantly comparing myself to others or wanting something instead of appreciating the things and people I do have in my life. After spending just a few weeks in London and working alongside Caroline, my perspective on life and myself have been greatly altered. I feel I love myself more and that I am proud of the woman I have become. Women everywhere need to own the person that they are and have someone supporting them every step of the way. At IAmAdoredUK, I can confidently say that this tribe of women is here for you no matter what is going on in your life. Join the tribe, join the movement of knowing that you are ADORED!"


The only cure I have ever known for fear and doubt and loneliness is an immense love of self.” –Alison Malee Everyone has their moments, or even days where they feel less than enough. Remember, “Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.” –Mooji Self-love is crucial to getting through life. Sit in the sunshine, take a drive with the windows down, read a few pages of your favorite book. Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


"I'd say one of the most difficult things for anyone to embrace is self-love. We love to only focus on what we hate about ourselves, and at times it's easier to do that than appreciate what you bring to the table. They say that you are your biggest critic, but who says you can't be your biggest fan as well? Self-love is the best kind of love you can have."


"These days, self-love can be hard to come by. It is easy to take care of others and not give your own self the love you deserve. It never hurts to remind yourself of everything you have done and how truly incredible you are. It is easy to get caught up in the craziness that life is, and it is even easier to forget to love yourself. Give yourself a moment to rediscover your accomplishments and strengths. You are strong, kind, and wise, and, you deserve self-love."



"My name is Brooke and I was the digital marketer for IAmAdoredUK. I love IAmAdored because I feel that our jewellery is making a difference in the way people view themselves. Growing up, I had very low self-esteem. Whenever I talked in class or in a big group of people my face would turn bright red. I loved talking and I loved connecting with people but I was too worried about what people thought of me. It got better once I got older but that feeling still lingers. When I look at my self-love ring, or when I feel it when I am talking to people, I remind myself that it doesn’t matter what other people think. All that matters is what I think of myself. I am adored because I am starting to adore myself. We value Sisterhood, Modesty, Beauty, Self-love, And Purpose. I adore IAmAdored."