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Background of the Bangle

To be a symbol of the brand and a token of reminder, one of our center, principle pieces are the I Am Adored Bangles. In the simple settings of silver, gold, and rose gold - perfect for anyone, for any outfit, on any occasion.

This bangle is made of an adjustable yet durable metal, so it is able to fit on any wrist size and/or layered over clothing or on bare skin. The phrase, I Am Adored is engraved onto the mirrored finish making this a staple, simple piece that will still catch the eye; making this a fitting final touch. We have, personally, styled it at the gorgeous Hyde Park by Buckingham Palace, at the National Gallery Museum, a small café, strolling down the streets of London, and many more here and there over a variety of outfit styles and aesthetics. Take a look at how we styled them!

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