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Empowerment in the Workplace

Women throughout history have struggled to feel equal in the workplace. Even though this is a huge issue, we can still tackle inequality through acts of empowerment.

 Here’s where you come in!

We challenge you to empower not only your friends and family but

your female coworkers as well. Helping to create a welcoming and positive work

environment is very important for personal success. A step towards improving a

work environment for proper empowerment could be as small as congratulating a

coworker on their success or asking your coworker how they are doing. speak your mind when you see inequality.

we're in this together. You will be amazed at how improving a coworker’s career can improve your own.

Remember to strive to encourage and respect each other. Every small act of kindness can add up to a greater future of equality and empowerment.

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