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Expectations into Empowerment

It’s the unfortunate truth that we live in a world that holds expectations for women when it comes to beauty. Thankfully, women across the world are starting to realize that these expectations are unfair and unrealistic. We want to work with you to put an end to these expectations and show every single woman that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remind yourself daily and others daily that your inner beauty is what matters the most.

We challenge you to compliment individuals on their inner beauty, such as their kindness, Determination, or intelligence. showing your coworkers, friends, and family how much you appreciate and love them will truly make a difference in someone’s day and life. it also will make a difference for a better future.

Message us a story regarding this challenge and we will add it to our tribe page!

Strive to empower each other,

With kind words And warm actions.

These seemingly small changes

Can lead to a bigger and better future.

Empower her.

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