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Follow Nadine's Journey


Follow Nadine's jewellery journey...

With your financial support, we have been able to fund an unemployed lady, Nadine, attendnd jewellery classes at the London Jewellery Workshop based in Shoreditch. it's been great to witness Nadine's journey as she learnt the skill of jewellery creation. 

In the first few weeks of the jewellery classes, Nadine learnt about the art of ring making. She worked on copper rings then moved on to silver wedding bands and learned filling techniques!

For the remainder of her classes, Nadine worked on necklaces and created different chains!

We are so happy that we were able to be a part of Nadine's jewellery journey, and we are so excited to see her shine with her new skills!

We will be sharing updates on nadine's involvement with i am adored in the near future. 

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