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Our Top 5 2022 Fashion Trends

Vibrant Colours

Bright, Vibrant Colours are everywhere this summer! These bold colors are a must this season. Balancing these colours with neutral I Am Adored Bangles, is the perfect match!


Stripes are back in style this Summer! Try out different patterns, textures, and colours of stripes to make a fashionable outfit. Complete the look with the I am Adored Perfect Simplicity Hand Chain. The options are endless!

Linen Shirts

Linen Shirts are another summer staple. Style it by putting on a tank and layering it with a button-down linen shirt this summer. You also can keep it buttoned and wear it as a top. Either way, button-down linen shirts are a closet staple this season. Finish accessorizing your outfit with some cute sunglasses, and the I am Adored Circle of Peace Gold Ring.

Tote Bags

One of the biggest accessories this summer is Bulky, Tote Bags. These are easy to add to any casual outfit. Add the I Am Adored Love Uncovered Ring for the perfectly accessorized outfit.

Maxi Skirts

Last but not least, maxi skirts are the skirt of the summer. With the limitless options of patterns and colours, maxi skirts are great for lunch with a friend or a walk in the park! End the outfit with the I am Adored Triangle Hand Chain for the perfect summer look.

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