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Real Talk with Charley

Introducing: Charley Jai who is a UK lifestyle blogger and radio personality. 

Could you give me a brief background about your radio show?

"I started my radio career in December 2012 and from the beginning it has always been my aim to present a show that is a go-to for inspiring, engaging, informative and inclusive content for everyone. A 'place' where people from all walks of life feel welcome; somewhere they can have fun and literally come to (as a guest on the show) if they want their voice, or their stories to be heard/told."

What inspired you to begin a radio show?

"A great friend of mine (who has now sadly passed away) was a DJ and had a regular slot on a popular underground radio station. He was a brilliant supporter of my blog (originally launched in 2010). not only did he keep himself up to date with my posts online, he attended several events that I was hosting and felt that I would be good on radio. At first I was reluctant as I had no experience and never thought about becoming a radio personality before. He convinced me and here I am several years later. I'm still learning but, the goal is to carve a successful career for myself as a presenter."

Where do you get your inspiration for each radio show?

"my Inspiration comes from life, literally. The topics I cover are often personal and therefore relatable. I try to ensure the content is positive albeit authentic and, most importantly, I make sure a lot of fun will be had. I'm also inspired by the books I read, such as 'What I Know For Sure' by Oprah. There is so much that we are each capable of doing and giving in ways that will positively motivate others. I'd like to think that's what I am for people, or at least, I hope I am..."

What is your passion/purpose?

"I'm most passionate about self improvement, both professionally and personally because, I believe my purpose is to be a supportive and positively encouraging force for others. All of the work I do has me in a position to help people (blogging, presenting, even my day job) and that makes me so happy!"

How do you practice self-love?

"Daily Gratitude through prayer. God is a huge part of my life. He always has been, however in my adult life I have developed a much better relationship with him now understanding what it means to have that particular relationship and of its relevance in my life. I am super grateful for absolutely everything because, good, or bad, I am constantly learning and with that I am evolving into the woman I (finally) recognise as being amazing in more ways than one! Praise be to God, always."

Follow Charley Jai on her twitter and instagram @CharleyRealTalk to hear more of her inspiring words.

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