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Remind yourself daily to inspire yourself and others. The women around us have so much purpose in our lives sometimes we need to take a step back and reflect what we can do for others. We recommend not complaining or gossiping for one week and see how your life changes.. You will become a happier you, for YOU. As they say, “Once we learn how to show kindness to each other, we will learn how to be kind to the deepest part of ourselves.” Make sure to reach out to at least 2 people a week so you don’t lose a valuable connection of yours. It is important to keep the people you care for close. Message us a story of yours about sisterhood and we will add it to our tribe page. Stay wonderful, stay yourself!

Kindness can come in many forms,

Saying a genuine compliment

Without demeaning one’s competence.

Listening and empathizing

Without downsizing.

Having open arms

Without adding harm.

Showing love to others and to yourself is an everyday practice

It will impact us.

Assist her

We are all sisters.

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