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Unique Beauty

To put it simply, I am honored to write about this inspiring woman and the work she does. Wavenney Wallace-sims is a creative extraordinaire. Through her makeup, she highlights an individual's unique beauty. Her idea of beauty is not the traditional. It’s an experience you have in the presence of an individual. Wavenney aims to enhance her clients' unique beauty without seeking to make drastic changes to correct  flaws.

Wavenney says, “We have flaws but they’re still beautiful because they’re a part of us. I don’t want to change people, I want to enhance what’s unique about them.”

One of her most recent photo shoots was with Graysen. Wavenney expressed that this was one of the most powerful photo shoots she has ever experienced. To this day, she is still honored and empowered by this photo shoot. Wavenney described that she encouraged Graysen to be present in the moment. The empowering connection which they formed, lead to an effortless result. You can see Graysen truly owning unique beauty and connecting appropriate emotions that resonates with anyone looking at these pictures.

The amazing results Wavenney produces come from her incredible creativity. Wavenney is not only a makeup artist, she’s a creative director. She also creates hand made pieces on etsy; the stunning details of each piece she creates is unique for each person. Although, her success did not come easily.

Wavenney expressed that her greatest downfall was not asking for help. Once she learned this, she welcomed the assistance which was offered by Business Launchpad at Trident Business Centre to grow her business, with open arms.

Now, whenever Wavenney is overwhelmed by life, she takes a moment to remind herself to live in the present. Every day, Wavenney practices self love by counting her blessings and practicing her mindfulness. You inspire us!

To learn more about Wavenney’s make up, check out her instagram @wavenneythemua and facebook @wavenneythemakeupartist. & Check out her Etsy here.

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