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Woman Crush on Yourself

Woman Crush Wednesday... On yourself?!

Everyone has their favorite hashtags for the days of the week; Throwback Thursday, Transformation Tuesday, etc.

However, one of the most fun is Woman Crush Wednesday.

Of course, this is intended to be a compliment! Getting tagged as someone's "woman crush" for the week is a fantastic ego boost. But there's also some negativity associated with it. If you're not tagged, it can be a little hurtful. Or if you are, it might be a girl who in turn is having self-depricating thoughts about herself. 

But what if we turned around the concept of this day to be more about self-love? Why can't your woman crush be... well, yourself!

Self-Love is a hard concept for most women to put into practice since most of us don't want to seem egocentric or like we're putting ourselves before others. But it is a practice we all should embrace and learn to be good at.

Once we reach a point in our life where we can love who we are without comparing ourselves to others, we can truly reach self-acceptance. Just practicing this once every week can eventually turn into self-love every day.

That's why this coming Wednesday you should practice being your own woman crush. Point out throughout the day what you love about yourself in that moment. It might be hard, but it's a challenge worth trying.

Because ultimately your self is the one person that will be there for you your entire life. Remember, you can not truly love another until you love yourself.

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